1966 Dodge Polara Monaca Service Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


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1966 Dodge Polara Monaca Service Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


This manual has been compiled as a reference and guide to assist service technicians with proper ad-justment and repair procedures for servicing 1966 Dodge Polara and Monaco models. An understanding of the contents herein will assist in maintaining quality standard built into Dodge vehicles and promote continued owner satisfaction.

VEHICLE NUMBER LOCATION: The vehicle number (serial number) is located on a plate which is attached to the left door hinge pillar post. (Fig. 1).
All vehicle numbers contain 13 digits. The vehicle number is a code which tells the make of car (1st digit), model of car (2nd digit), body style (3rd and 4th digit), engine displacement (5th digit), model year (6th digit), assembly plant .


1966 Dodge Polara Monaca Service Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

Introduction, General Information
Lubrication and Maintenance
Accessories-(Radios, Heaters, Mirrors)
Front Suspension
Rear Axle
Brakes-Service Parking
Cooling System-Accessory Belt Drives
Electrical and Instruments
Engine-Engine Oiling
Exhaust System
Fuel System
Propeller Shaft and Universal Joints
Springs and Shock Absorbers
Steering Gear- Manual Power
Transmission- Standard Automat1c
Wheels, Bearings and Tires
Body and Frame


  • This is the same manual used by the dealers to  diagnose and troubleshoot your vehicle
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