1973 Dodge Chassis Service Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


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1973 Dodge Chassis Service Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

  • This Dodge Chassis Service Manual has been prepared with the latest service information available for use on 1973 models. Diagnosis, disassembly, repair, assembly and installation procedures coupled with complete specifications and tightening references can be found in each group.
  • This publication is one of the most important “tools” available to the service technician. It will prove an invaluable aid in properly performing any phase of service necessary to maintain or restore the fine performance and reliability characteristics designed, engineered and manufactured into these outstanding automobiles.
  • Body information including frame is contained in a separate Dodge Body Service Manual.


Brake Equipment Application 5-64
Disc Brakes—Floating Caliper 5-48
Assembling Caliper 5-56
Bleeding Disc Brake 5-60
Brake Hose and Tubing 5-51
Brake Shoe Installation 5-54
Brake Shoe Removal 5-53
Cleaning and Inspection 5-53
Checking Braking Disc for Run-Out and
Thickness 5-58
Disassembling Caliper 5-55
Disc Brake Service Precautions 5-52
General Information 5-48
Installing Brake Disc and Hub 5-58
Installing Cal¡per 5-57
Metering Proportioning Valves 5-49
Ref¡n¡shing (Refac¡ng) Braking Disc 5-58
Removing Braking Disc and Hub 5-58
Removing Caliper from Vehicle 5-54
Routine Maintenance—30,000 Miles 5-49
Service Diagnosis 5-52
Specifications 5-62
Disc Brakes—Sliding Cal¡per 5-35
Assembling Caliper 5-44
Bleeding Disc Brake 5-46
Brake Hose and Tubing 5-38
Brake Shoe Installation 5-41
Brake Shoe Removal 5-40
Cleaning and Inspection 5-40
Checking Braking Disc for Run-Out and
Thickness 5-45
Disassembling Cal¡per 5-42
Disc Brake Service Precautions 5-39
General Information 5-35
Installing Brake Disc and Hub 5-46
Installing Cal¡per 5-44
Proportioning Valves 5-36
Ref¡n¡shing (Refacing) Braking Disc 5-46
Removing Braking Disc and Hub 5-46
Removing Cal¡per from Vehicle 5-42
Routine Maintenance—30,000 Miles 5-36
Service Diagnosis 5-39
Specifications 5-62
Drum Brakes 5-5
Brake Drum Installation 5-12
Front Brake Drums 5-12
Rear Brake Drums 5-12
Brake Drum Removal 5-7
Front Brake Drums 5-7
Rear Brake Drums 5-7
Brake Shoe Installation 5-10
Front Brake Shoes 5-10
Rear Brake Shoes 5-11
Brake Shoe Removal 5-7
Front Brake Shoes 5-7
Rear Brake Shoes 5-8
Cleaning and Inspection 5-9
General Information 5-5
Grinding and Refac¡ng Recommendations 5-9
Service Diagnosis 5-5
Hydraulic System Control Valves 5-16
Bleeding Vehicles with Metering Valves 5-22
Brake Warning Switch (Drum Brakes) 5-16
Combination Brake Warning/Metering Valve 5-20
Brake Warning Switch Unit 5-20
Checking Metering Valve Unit 5-20
Metering Valve Unit Operation 5-20
Testing Brake Warning Switch Unit 5-21
Combination Brake Warning/Metering/
Proportioning Valve 5-21
Proportioning Valve Unit 5-21
Testing Proportioning Valve Unit 5-22
Combination Brake Warning/Proportioning
Valve 5-19
Brake Warning Switch Unit 5-19
Proportioning Valve Unit 5-19
Testing Brake Warning Switch Unit 5-19
Testing Proportioning Valve Unit 5-19
Master Cylinders 5-12
Bleeding Master Cylinder 5-15
Cleaning and Inspection 5-14
Disassembling Master Cylinder 5-12
General Information 5-12
Installing Master Cylinder 5-15
Master Cylinder Identification Chart 5-13
Master Cylinder Removal 5-12
Reassembling Master Cylinder 5-14
Testing Master Cylinder 5-15
Parking Brakes 5-26
Adjusting Parking Brakes 5-27
General Information 5-26
Installing Front Parking Brake Cable 5-29
Installing Rear Parking Brake Cable 5-27
Removing Front Parking Brake Cable 5-27
Removing Rear Parking Brake Cable 5-27
Service Diagnosis 5-26
Power Brakes 5-30
General Information 5-30
Pedal Linkage Application 5-31
Power Brake Vacuum Hose 5-32
Power Brakes 5-32
Service Diagnosis 5-31
Service Procedures 5-32
Service Adjustments 5-1
Adjusting Service Brakes 5-1
Bleeding Brake System 5-2
Brake Hose and Tubing 5-2
Stop Lamp Switch Adjustment 5-4
Test for Fluid Contamination 5-2
Testing Application Adjusters 5-1
Wheel Stud Nut Tightening 5-2
Service Diagnosis 5-5
Tightening Reference 5-63
Wheel Cylinders 5-23
Assembling Wheel Cylinders 5-24
Disassembling Wheel Cylinders 5-24
General Information 5-23
Installing Brake Supports 5-25
Installing Wheel Cylinders 5-24
Removing Brake Supports 5-25
Removing Wheel Cylinders 5-23




  • This is the same manual used by the dealers to  diagnose and troubleshoot your vehicle
  • You will be directed to the download page as soon as the purchase is completed. The whole payment and downloading process will take anywhere between 2-5 minutes

This factory Mopar Dodge Service Manual Download will give you complete step-by-step information on repair, servicing, and preventative maintenance for your Dodge. This Dodge FSM (Factory Service Manual) is highly detailed with photos and illustrations to help guide you through every repair and troubleshooting procedure. This is the Dodge OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manual from Mopar so it contains all you need to know to keep your Dodge working right and is the only service repair manual you will need. All pages are printable, so print what you need and take it with you into the garage or workshop.  Save money by doing your own repairs!