2012 Dodge Ram 3500 HD Complete Service Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


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2012 Dodge Ram 3500 HD Complete Service Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


Language : English
Pages : 14901
Downloadable : Yes
File Type : PDF
Size: 110 MB

When diagnosing a problem in an electrical circuit there are several common tools necessary. These tools are
listed and explained below.
 Jumper Wire – This is a test wire used to connect two points of a circuit. It can be used to bypass an open
in a circuit.

When troubleshooting wiring problems there are six steps which can aid in the procedure. The steps are listed
and explained below. Always check for non-factory items added to the vehicle before doing any diagnosis. If
the vehicle is equipped with these items, disconnect them to verify these add-on items are not the cause of the
1. Verify the problem.
2. Verify any related symptoms. Do this by performing operational checks on components that are in the
same circuit. Refer to the appropriate wiring diagrams.
3. Analyze the symptoms. Use the wiring diagrams to determine what the circuit is doing, where the
problem most likely is occurring and where the diagnosis will continue.
4. Isolate the problem area.
5. Repair the problem area.
6. Verify the proper operation. For this step, check for proper operation of all items on the repaired circuit.
Refer to the appropriate wiring diagrams.


2012 Dodge Ram 3500 HD Complete Service Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

01-General Information pdf 1
01-General Information-Non DTC Based pdf 1
02-General Information Mopar Accessories pdf 36
03-General Information-Scan Tool Non DTC Based pdf 218
04-General Information-Special Tools DTC Based pdf 224
05-General Information-Special Tools Non DTC Based pdf 226
06-General Information-Vehicle Data pdf 227
08-General Information-DTC Index pdf 240
09-General Information-Capacities pdf 311
10-General Information-TPMS pdf 369
02-Engine pdf 374
01-Engine Cooling System pdf 374
02-5 7L Engine Service Information pdf 526
03-6 7L Engine Service Information pdf 783
04-Exhaust System pdf 1072
05-Fuel System pdf 1123
06-Ignition System pdf 1360
07-Starting-Non DTC Based Diagnosis pdf 1403
08-Starting System pdf 1409
03-Engine Performance and Emissions pdf 1434
01-Driveability Diesel-Non DTC Based pdf 1434
02-Driveability Gas-Non DTC Based pdf 1502
03-Emission Apps-Diesel pdf 1591
04-Emijssion Apps-Gas pdf 1592
05-Emission Controls pdf 1593
06-Firing Order and Cylinder Identification pdf 1753
07-Mode 6 Diagnosis pdf 1758
08-PCM-Electrical Diagnosis 5 7L pdf 1834
09-PCM -Diagnosis 6 7L Diesel pdf 3749
04-Automatic Transmission pdf 5196
01-66RFE Transmission pdf 5196
02-AS68RC Transmission pdf 5623
03-PCM-Electrical Diagnosis 545RFE pdf 5919
04-PCM-Electrical Diagnosis 66RFE pdf 6326
05-PCM-Electrical Diagnosis 68RFE pdf 6694
06-TCM-Electrical Diagnosis AS68RC pdf 7099
05-Manual Transmission & Clutch pdf 7479
01-G56 Manual Transmission pdf 7479
02-Clutch System pdf 7569
06-Transfer Case pdf 7592
01-Borg Warner BW44-46 pdf 7592
02-Borg Warner BW44-47 pdf 7629
03-New Venture NV271 pdf 7671
04-New Venture NV273 pdf 7744
05-FDCM (Final Drive Control Module) Diagnosis pdf 7817
07-Drivelines & Axles pdf 8048
01-Front Axle-275FBI pdf 8048
02-Front Axle-9 25 AA pdf 8149
03-Propeller Shaft pdf 8217
04-Rear Axle-10 5 AA pdf 8275
05-Rear Axle-11 5 AA pdf 8339
06-Rear Axle-302RBI pdf 8389
08-Steering & Suspension pdf 8493
01-Steering System pdf 8493
02-Front Suspension and Alignment pdf 8596
03-Rear Suspension pdf 8736
04-TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) Diagnosis pdf 8765
05-Tires and Wheels pdf 8824
09-Brakes pdf 8875
01-Base Brakes pdf 8875
02-Base Brakes-Non DTC Based Diagnosis pdf 9015
03-Antilock Brakes pdf 9033
04-Antilock Brakes Electrical Diagnosis pdf 9050
05-Integrated Trailer Brake (ITBM) Diagnosis pdf 9475
10-Electrical System & Wiring Diagrams pdf 9540
01-Battery System pdf 9540
02-Charging System pdf 9579
03-Power Distribution pdf 9591
04-Special Tools pdf 9612
05-Wiring Diagrams pdf 9613
11-HVAV-Heating & Air Conditioning pdf 9710
01-HVAC-Heating and Irconditioning Service Information pdf 9710
02-HVAC-Non DTC Diagnosis pdf 9907
03-HVAC-Automatic Climate Control (ATC) Diagnosis pdf 9909
04-HVAC-Manual Climate Control (MTC) Diagnosis pdf 10135
12-Restraints pdf 10272
01-Restraints-Service Information pdf 10272
02-ORC (Occupant Restraint Controller) Diagnosis pdf 10409
13-Accessories & Equipment pdf 10820
09-Amplifier Elctrical Diagnosis pdf 10820
10-Audio & Video Service Information pdf 11105
11-Audio (Radio) Electrical Diagnosis pdf 11156
12-Audio & Video Non DTC Based Diagnosis pdf 11353
13-Chime & Buzzer Service Information pdf 11375
14-Communication Non DTC Diagnosis pdf 11392
15-Driver Door Module-Electrical Diagnosis pdf 11619
16-Electronic Control Modules-Service Information pdf 11894
17-Hands Free Module (HFM)-Electrical Diagnosis pdf 11971
18-Heated & Cooled Accessories-Service Information pdf 11998
19-Heated Glass-Service Information pdf 12014
20-Heated Mirrors-Service Information pdf 12021
21-Heated Seat Module (HSM)-Electrical Diagnosis pdf 12023
22-Heated Seats-Service Information pdf 12370
23-Heated Systems-Non DTC Based Diagnosis pdf 12385
24-Horn-Non DTC Based Diagnosis pdf 12390
25-Horn System-Service Information pdf 12391
26-Instrument Cluster-Non DTC Based Diagnosis pdf 12396
27-Instrument Cluster-Service Information pdf 12399
28-Memory Seat Module (MSMD)-Electrical Diagnostics pdf 12458
29-Message Center-Service Information pdf 12698
30-Mirror-Non-DTC Based Diagnostics pdf 12724
31-Navigation & Telecommunication-Service Information pdf 12726
32-Park Assist Module (PAM)-Electrical Diagnostics pdf 12734
33-Passenger Door Module (PDM)-Electrical Diagnostics (DMFR) pdf 12906
34-Power Doors-Non-DTC Based Diagnostics pdf 13144
35-Power Locks-Service Information pdf 13184
36-Power Mirrors-Service Information pdf 13198
37-Power Seats-Service Information pdf 13202
38-Power Windows-Non-DTC-Based Diagnostics pdf 13238
39-Power Windows-Service Information pdf 13244
40-Seats-Non-DTC Based Diagnostics pdf 13253
41-Speed Control-Service Information pdf 13258
42-Telecommunication-Non-DTC Based Diagnostics pdf 13268
43-Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM)-Electrical Diagnostics pdf 13273
44-Universal Transmitter pdf 13745
45-Vehicle Theft-Non-DTC-Based Diagnostics pdf 13752
46-Vehicle Theft Security-Service Information pdf 13754
47-Video Entertainment System (VES3)-Electrical Diagnostics pdf 13770
48-Wiper System & Washer System-Non-DTC Based Diagnostics pdf 13789
49-Wiper System & Washer System-Service Information pdf 13791
50-Wireless Ignition Node (WIN) Electrical Diagnosis pdf 13837
51-Body-Interior & Exterior pdf 13950
52-Frame & Bumpers pdf 14513
53-Power Top & Sunroof pdf 14559
91-CCN (Cabin Compartment Node) Diagnosis pdf 14570
92-Exterior Lighting-Non DTC Based Diagnosis pdf 14736
93-Interior Lighting-Non DTC Based Diagnosis pdf 14747
94-Lamps and Lighting-Exterior pdf 14754
95-Lamps and Lighting-Interior pdf 14867


  • This is the same manual used by the dealers to  diagnose and troubleshoot your vehicle
  • You will be directed to the download page as soon as the purchase is completed. The whole payment and downloading process will take anywhere between 2-5 minutes

This factory Mopar Dodge Service Manual Download will give you complete step-by-step information on repair, servicing, and preventative maintenance for your Dodge. This Dodge FSM (Factory Service Manual) is highly detailed with photos and illustrations to help guide you through every repair and troubleshooting procedure. This is the Dodge OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manual from Mopar so it contains all you need to know to keep your Dodge working right and is the only service repair manual you will need. All pages are printable, so print what you need and take it with you into the garage or workshop.  Save money by doing your own repairs!